Bill Appleton currently serves as the President of DreamFactory Software. Bill is a leading expert on the client-side use of cloud services and rich media authoring tools. He has designed and written approximately three dozen professional software publications including the first rich media authoring tool World Builder, the ground breaking multimedia programming language SuperCard, the number one best-selling CD-ROM Titanic: Adventure out of Time, the DreamFactory Player for consuming cloud services, and the first AppExchange application DreamTeam.

DreamFactory Software is the publisher of the DreamFactory Services Platform, an open source REST API for HTML5 and native mobile applications. DreamFactory enables enterprise developers to hook up any SQL database, NoSQL database, or file storage system and then expose these assets with a comprehensive palette of RESTful services. Services include user management, roles and permissions, enterprise security, and dynamically generated client SDKs. Installation packages are available for AWS, Azure, BitNami, VMware, Redhat, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Bill started working with cloud services more than ten years ago, back in the XML-RPC days before SOAP. Since then, Bill and the engineering team at DreamFactory have done low level integration work with all the modern cloud platforms. Under the circumstances, he has lots of experience evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the various platforms, and plenty of first hand information about what’s really going on under the hood. Visit the Cloud Warrior blog for information on speed comparisons, industry analysis, marketplace differences, software development issues, and all your up to date information straight from the trenches of cloud computing.

Bill previously served as President of the CD-ROM publishing company CyberFlix, and has worked closely with Disney, Paramount, Viacom and Bandai to build creative vehicles for content development. Many leading computer publications and mainstream magazines have featured Bill’s work, including People Magazine, Newsweek, and US News and World Report.