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Preventing Cloud Vendor Lock-In

Developers love cloud services. A well constructed REST API makes integration and application development easy. There are a bunch of great REST APIs out there. There are public web services like S3, BigTable, and DynamoDB available from Google, Amazon, and Azure. There are also API marketplaces from companies like Mashable that publish services for enterprise […]

Why Doesn’t Your Private Cloud Have Any Cloud Services?

Adopting a private cloud strategy provides some amazing capabilities for the modern enterprise. A company can turn a conventional data center into a private cloud with virtual services for compute, storage, database, and network. Companies with products in this area include VMware, Rackspace, Dell, HP, IBM, and Red Hat. Cloud orchestration software gives an enterprise […]

Great REST API’s You Can’t Use

The Mongo database has a great REST API, but you can’t use it. They tell you this right in the docs: “Please note that this apiKey will give full access to all data within the databases belonging to your MongoLab account. If you do not have it secured on an app server, someone can gain […]

Securing the Mobile Enterprise

The DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) was designed from the beginning to be a very secure way for an enterprise customer to host mobile applications. This blog post covers security benefits on the server side and at the client, and towards the end we discuss the advantages of our user roles and permissions system. From the […]

Four Big Problems DreamFactory Solves

The open source DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) solves four big problems that plague mobile application developers. First, we provide an easy to use REST API that covers a wide variety of backend services. Many server side assets like SQL databases don’t have a client addressable API. In cases like this we build out the entire […]

Rise of the Service Platform

Don’t build your own REST API. Don’t buy an API Management System. Don’t get trapped by interface lock-in. I’ve been working with web services for over a decade, but during the next few years I expect REST APIs to become even more important for application development. A big reason for this trend is the growing […]